Friday, February 10, 2012

Safe & Secure Data (part 2): Is it Safe? Update

At the end of January some Swiss banks handed over encrypted client data to the US Government. They plan on handing over the passwords after they lose some appeals. For me, the US Government beating up Swiss banks is a spectator sport, but the interesting thing is how confident the Swiss banks are that the US will not be able to open the files, at least while the matter is under appeal.

Moreover, the Swiss obviously are confident that the mighty US will not crack the encryption for many years, because even if the Swiss prevail on the appeal, they have left the encrypted data in the hands of the US.

Can your e-data be safe?  The Swiss banks think so.

Lady was ordered to decrypt her laptop by the district court. In other words the government cannot quickly or easily open a encrypted laptop. It could take years and lots of computer time to crack it.

She probably wished she had installed a hidden encrypted area on her machine. The government would have no way of proving that this area exists and she could then plausibly deny it's existence.

Maybe she did! If she didn't she (for all I know) has a hard chose on her hands.